Our Products

Secured Corporate Lending

We provide structured lending solutions from mid to large sized corporates to help them achieve their strategic objectives and growth plans, without straining their operating cash flows.

Loan Against Property

Loans are provided against property (mortgage) to help meet the borrower’s requirements. These loans can be for any purpose – commercial or personal.

Working Capital Financing

We help you meet the daily expenses of running your business and support short-term cash needs such as making payroll or purchasing a new shipment of inventory.

Group Loans & Individual Loans

These include loans granted for agriculture, education, home improvement, and home purchase and livestock loans.

Construction Equipment Finance

This is availed to finance equipment such as Earth Moving Equipment, Road Construction Equipment, Concrete Equipment and other such machines.

Commercial Vehicle Finance

This involves financing purchase of commercial vehicles ranging from heavy, medium to light vehicles. Also, included under commercial vehicles are three wheelers, passenger vehicles (buses) and tractors.

Short Term Bridging Loans

One is often faced with the burden of having to wait to sell your existing home before moving into your new space. Short-term bridge loan aids you during the interim period between the sale of your old home and purchase of a new one. It is offered to both salaried and self-employed.

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